Friends with benefits...




Pennine pilots often visit other club’s sites, as our friends visit ours.

Check out the websites of the clubs round about us. Pilots are a friendly bunch... you can even join as members at these clubs at a discounted rate once you are a member of Pennines!

... visit soon!



We avidly follow the weather, and that doesn't just mean looking out the window!

Websites such as Wendy Windblows and R.A.S.P. not to mention their creators have been great friends to the flying communities all over the UK, not just the Pennines.

Find out more about Wendy and RASP from their sites. 

See how they can benefit you!



The Pennine Soaring Club and the Bowland Forest Gliding Club share the skys around Parlick

Take a look at their website for an illuminative soaring conditions weather paper.

In any incident when Bowland Gliding Club might need to be contacted;

Control Van 07779 441283
Club House 01995 612 67