"It is better to be on the ground wishing you were in the air, than in the air wishing you were on the ground”

In this section we can’t cover every detail about flying safety, some of it will just have to come from common sense...

but remember look out for yourselves & each other. 

Have a great, SAFE flight.

Emergency Action Card

Simon Blake has created an emergency action card we can all keep with us to help with getting help quickly in an emergency. This also contains a cut out and keep card with the OS grid references and contact details required to get the Air Ambulance on site quickly in an emergency.

View the Emergency Card (PDF)

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In any accident situation it is really important that someone takes control of the situation and manages it. A lot of people will want to get involved and, even though it is well intended, this is not always in the casualty's best interest. Don’t be afraid to take charge and quietly but firmly ask people to do things to help you.


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An Extreme Sport

Paragliding and hang gliding are EXTREME SPORTS and by default that makes them HIGH RISK. Injuries do occur when gliding, mainly to the lower limb like twisted ankles suffered during take-off or landing (or a few bumps and bruises from the frequent draggings when initially learning). More than 90% of injuries happen during the first ten flights a pilot makes, the majority of these injuries being to the lower leg. But we are generally proud of our bumps and bruises and of course the majority of us don’t tend to make the same mistake twice!

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We bang on about safety, safety, safety… but how many times have you seen someone taken off with something dangling, a twisted brake line or their harness left open… or worse, their reserve handle hanging off.

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