Site Records

These are some selected site records from the Pennine area, where flights have been submitted to the national XC League. If you have flown further/scored more, please let us know. Click on the pilot's name for a link to the flight on the league.

Records are for most XC League points scored under the prevailing rules when the record was set (score multipliers for declares and triangles are sometimes revised). The "Distance" column lists size of triangle, open distance (for turnpoint flights) or scoring distance (for flights to goal).

Parlick is somewhat arbitrarily split into three sites, depending mainly on where the pilot took off and what the prevailing wind direction was. There are some anomalies.

Where a declared triangle has been larger than the biggest undeclared triangle, the undeclared "record" has been left in.

Note: despite the reliability of some of our sites, successful (and legal) declared flights from the Pennine area are very rare. Declaring a flight is easy. See the Defined Task Coaching Guide for details, including waypoint details for minimum distance declarable goals from all the popular Pennine sites. Successful declared flights attract a bonus over the open distance - fly 25km, score 33 points!

Site Flight Type Pilot Wing Date Landed at Points Distance
Parlick West Turnpoint* Phil Colbert Niviuk Peak 4 3/6/17 Filey 161.2 157.8
Parlick East Turnpoint Paul Winterbottom Ozone Delta 7/5/13 Windermere 59.8 56.9
Parlick South Turnpoint Phil Colbert Niviuk Icepeak 6 10/04/13 Carlisle 122.1 114.1
Parlick North (!)** Turnpoint Phil Wallbank Niviuk Peak 2 10/6/11 Reebok Stadium, Horwich 55.3 42.1
Longridge Turnpoint John Murphy Escape Stream 15/4/12 Orrell 45.4 38.7
Pendle Turnpoint Phil Colbert Niviuk Icepeak 7 22/08/14 Newark 140.4 133.8
Winter Hill Turnpoint Phil Wallbank Ozone Mantra M3 09/05/10 Crosby 40.2 35.6
Edenfield Turnpoint Richard Butterworth Gin Boomerang 10 31/5/17 Newton Aycliffe 117.2 113.5
Parlick West FAI Triangle John Murphy Niviuk Artik 4 16/8/15 Parlick 45.2 22.6
Parlick East FAI Triangle Phil Colbert Niviuk Peak 4 6/6/16 Parlick 40.4 22.5
Longridge FAI Triangle Brian Stewart Gradient Aspen 4 23/02/16 Longridge 28.9 16.2
Pendle FAI Triangle Mike Cavanagh Ozone Mantra M6 22/07/14 Pendle 153.8 60.0
Pendle Declared FAI Triangle Phil Colbert Niviuk Peak 4 19/4/16 Pendle 179.6 62.3
Parlick West Declared FAI Triangle Phil Colbert Niviuk Icepeak 6 22/09/12 Parlick 128.1 36.6
Longridge Declared FAI Triangle Phil Wallbank Niviuk Peak 2 04/06/12 Clitheroe 114.8 33.0
Parlick Declared Flight to Goal Phil Colbert Niviuk Peak 4 2/6/17 Filey 193.5 155.6
Pendle Declared Flight to Goal John Oliver Skywalk Cayenne 5 29/5/16 Billinge 62.2 48.7
Longridge Declared Flight to Goal Simon Blake Ozone Delta 2 23/4/16 Westhoughton 43.6 34.4


* Phil Colbert's flight of 2/6/17, in addition to smashing the previous Flight-to-Goal record for Parlick, also narrowly beat his previous best turnpoint flight score even if the declare is disregarded. It is therefore listed twice.

**There is no "Parlick North". Parlick doesn't really work in a north wind. This flight is included because it is over five times longer than any other flight ever done in that direction from that launch.


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