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2021-08-13X - Dales '21 Challenge
2021-02-21Club Awards 2021
2021-02-09Northern Challenge Series 2021
2019-06-05Northern XC League
2019-02-01BP Cup 2019
2018-06-21Grid Challenge Completed again!
2018-04-17Northern Challenge Trophy
2018-03-13Parlick Grid attempt
2014-09-28Grid Challenge Record Broken!
2014-03-24The Loop League Returns!
2013-04-09Pennine takes the lead!
2013-03-13Graham Jones opens Pennine's XC Season
2013-02-19Pennines top UK XC Club league
2013-02-19BP Cup Victory

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2021-10-13Back to Normal, at last
2020-01-09Planning Declares–the Repeat
2019-09-28PSC Christmas Do 2019

RSS General

2021-10-13Back to Normal, at last
2021-03-08Returning to Flying
2021-01-25Lancashire Live Paragliding Article
2020-05-11Covid-19 May Update
2020-04-02No flying, New wing
2020-02-20CAA Airspace Classification Review 2019-2020
2019-06-13Hen Harriers
2019-04-13A Grand Day Out
2019-04-01Ripon XC
2019-02-28Lasham Judicial Review on Airspace
2019-02-15Flight Diary–Parlick to Haltwhistle
2019-01-15SIV Club Night at the Sea View Inn
2018-12-11Jocky Sanderson SIV Evening
2018-11-13PSC Social Night 12th November 2018 - Richard Carter's 300Km Flight
2018-11-12To leave or not to leave?
2018-03-27PennineFest 2018
2017-02-15AGM 2017
2017-01-102017 AGM
2016-09-08PennineFest 2016 Report
2015-07-16Pennine Summer Curry Night
2015-03-02Pennine Soaring Club - Club Night - 9 March
2015-02-16Spring Thermals
2015-01-14Thames Valley Hang Gliding Club’s The Big Fat Repack
2015-01-08Important announcement regarding January 2015 club night.
2014-11-04November Club night
2014-10-03October Club night - Film and Photo Competition
2014-06-08Pennine Parafest 2014
2013-12-03Christmas Curry Night 2013
2013-11-28December Club Night - 9th December 2013
2013-09-16Club Night 14th October 2013
2013-02-19Pennine Parafest 2013

RSS Pilot Development

2022-03-28Repack 27th March 2022
2022-01-18Pilot Lecture 2 – 17th January 2022
2021-12-03Winter Club Night - November 2021 - Neil Charles - Live tracking, FLARM and flight deck gadgets
2019-06-14The Paramotor Code
2019-04-245 Tips for Beginners
2018-11-22Pilot Revision–Airlaw
2017-08-06Coaching Exercise - Navigation and Instruments
2015-09-02Kobo instrument night with Phil Colbert
2014-10-07Getting waypoints into your GPS

RSS Safety

2022-03-28Repack 27th March 2022
2022-01-18Safety Notes January 2022
2021-03-19Getting Back in the Air
2021-01-03A cautionary tale
2020-09-23Safety Notes–Sept 2020
2020-08-06Safety Notes August 2020
2020-07-01Flying Alone
2020-06-06Pendle Crash Analysis
2020-06-01Midweek Flying–no excuses
2020-05-18Accidents and Incidents
2020-04-05Covid–19 An update from V.I.P.E.R.
2020-03-12Carabiner Warning
2020-02-11PSC Safety Bulletin Feb 2020
2020-01-08Using RASP for upper winds
2020-01-08Using Windy
2020-01-04Jan 2020–Let’s not be home to Mr Cockup this year
2020-01-02Pre-Cold Front
2019-11-15Flying in the Rain
2019-09-10PSC Safety Bulletin
2019-08-05Safety Notes August
2019-07-19PSC Safety Bulletin July 2019
2019-06-14The Paramotor Code
2019-05-23SIV etc.
2019-04-21Free Flight and Spectators
2019-04-03Safety Notice Quick-Out Carabiner
2019-03-26Beware of the gulley!
2019-03-10Safety Notes March 2019
2019-03-05PSC Safety Bulletin - February 2019
2018-08-03Fly Safe August 2018
2018-07-18Gliding awareness for non-glider pilots
2017-07-12PSC Safety Bulletin July 2017 Flying with Sailplanes
2017-04-23Fly Safe May 2017

RSS Sites

2022-05-20ADVANCE NOTICE – Winter Hill Gate Code Change on 27th May 2022 @ 3pm
2022-04-20Edenfield – Closure for Lambing
2021-12-06New Gate Code for Winter Hill
2021-07-19Please Do Not Fly Pendle East
2021-06-24Winter Hill – Additional Gate & Road Closure
2021-04-24Edenfield–Closed for Lambing
2019-08-13Parlick East–Bottom Landing Exclusion Zone
2019-06-14Winter Hill–Gate to be Locked
2019-06-13Hen Harriers
2018-09-01Winter Hill–Reopened
2018-03-10Forest of Bowland UAV Survey NOTAM
2017-03-28Cumbria Soaring Club - Site Closures
2016-03-11RHADS Corridors – Summary
2014-12-07LBIA Proposed Airspace Changes

RSS Social

2021-10-13Back to Normal, at last
2019-09-28PSC Christmas Do 2019