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In 2018, it was reported that 3 accidents were caused by the rupture of the carabiners on solo and tandem paragliders.
It is proven that one of the accidents concerns a Camp-40mm carabiner distributed under the brand name Woody Valley.

This carabiner had about 3 years and 600 hours of cross-country and thermal flight and was used in solo paragliding.

After analysis of available public documents, products derived from the Camp 40 carabiner (Gin 40 ,Niviuk 40; APCO-AirExtreme 40; Kortel 40) would also be affected by a risk of rupture towards end-of-life or tandem use.
For safety reasons, users are advised not to use this equipment anymore.


A collection of this material is set up with the aim of carrying out tests of residuelle resistance and the results of which will be published.

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Gudauri_Georgia paragliding accident - 2018