We've got the first club night for the end of the year kicking off on the 13th October at the Boatyard Inn.

There will be prizes.

It'll be a two part event. 8pm start will be paragliding photos ground level or aerial. As long as they took the photo themselves. 5 max. Prizes awarded and the pictures could be used on the new Pennine website.
Part two starts 9 pm will be paragliding videos. Rules are that the video has been edited by themselves. Prizes again.
If time we'll have other films viva you tube, FB or Vimeo. Ideas welcome. Aim for 10 pm finish as its a school night.
We have very good prizes and its a voting system by you. You have a week and a half to get something ready. Keep it short like 5 mins max normally. Usb, cd or we have wifi (normally). Get there early, have a drink and a chat as starts 8 prompt.