Wind Directions W to NW OS Ref SD 815 215 Sheet 103
Height ASL 1148ft (350m) Rating CP + 5 Hrs
Top to Bottom 394 ft (120m) Notam 8.052


From the Rawtenstall roundabout take the Bury Road turn off towards Edenfield. Take a left turn after approx. 300m, this is Lomas Lane, a rough road then goes right up the hill.

The road is in poor condition.



Manchester TMA 3500ft alt Class A, 2350ft ato, (716m ato).


Bottom Landing is the difficult bit even on paragliders. Bottom landing is very restricted here, being made in tight fields at the base of the hill with additional hazards of power cables and houses. Have a good look for power lines and fences first and horse riders in bottom fields. Top landing usually very pleasant, but don't land behind quarry (rotor).

This site seems to suffer from rough air when the wind goes South of West.


Although soarable this site is not for the faint hearted, now little used.


A lovely little site, easy, but committed take off, soarable in quite light winds. If bottom landing in area between house with shed and pond, it will have to be cross-wind.

Hang Gliders

Pendle provides better flying for hang gliders at less risk, unless experienced in landing.

XC Potential

Excellent thermal potential from Rawtenstall. Leeds Bradford CTA (3000' ceiling) is around 20km downwind. You would need a lot of north in the wind to get through the "gap" at Huddersfield, which is almost South East of takeoff.