Wind Directions SW - SE OS Ref SD 818 179 Sheet 109
Height ASL 1299 ft (396m) Rating CP
Top to Bottom 312 ft (95m) Notam 8.052


Take the A680 out of either Edenfield or Rochdale. If coming by the M66, take the
Ramsbottom junction and follow the signs for Blackburn for 2 miles then as above.

If you park on the carriageway you risk a parking ticket - check your Highway Code about parking regulations. If you do park, pull well off the road and keep your wheels on the grass not the path. Seek advice on alternative parking arrangements. Don’t drive up the lane to Fecit Farm.



Manchester TMA at 3500ft alt. Class A, 2200ft ato, (670m ato).


There have been serious accidents when attempting top landings on both hang and
paragliders. There can be an area of dangerous air behind take-off.
DO NOT fly slowly when top landing here and definitely DO NOT attempt to ‘mush it in’.
When low, be wary of the power cables and trees at the base of the hill and running along
the road. If the wind is strong, there is a pronounced wind shear, possibly caused by the
quarry in front. In these conditions, take care bottom landing. Edenfield is notorious for
appearing light wind at bottom, yet strong at take off. Always assess situation at take off.


  • Don’t fly over the houses
  • Don’t shout when in the air – on foot pass quietly past the dwellings
  • Don’t bring spectators
  • Be aware of horses using the tracks - keep away from them


This hill has a steep slope towards the top, with a relatively sharp edge and a flat top. This
gives a strong wind compression (venturi effect). In strong winds (hang glider strength!) it’s
advisable to land well back from the edge, as there can be rotor. When top landing far
back, the air is usually in sink.
Hang gliders and paragliders can take off almost anywhere into wind, but not close to the
quarry. Top landing area is massive, but try not to land too close to the edge, the ground
slopes from halfway across the field and gives plenty of lift.

The site will be closed during the lambing season in April/May but normally for a month
from 25th April... check before you fly.


Watch out for broken walls on take off. It is easy to soar.

XC Potential

Enormous! But be aware of Leeds Bradford CTA downwind.