Pule Hill

Wind Directions W OS Ref SE 033 104 (Sheet 110)
Height ASL 1434ft (437m) Rating CP
Top to Bottom 252ft (77m) Notam 8.062


From Oldham, take A62 signposted for Huddersfield. Pule Hill will come into view as you drive through the Standedge cutting.


Park cars on Manchester Road at the foot of the hill; in the car park at the junction of Manchester Road and Mount Road.



Manchester CTA at 3000ft alt, Class D, just 1500ft (460m) ato.


The top landing is extremely small and renowned for a vicious rotor in fresh winds. The top area further North on the wider flatter area generally has an extensive area of rotor, only the foolish or the desperate will land here, expect some turbulence behind the quarry section. It is bound to be a quick dump, prepare for an emergency landing if caught out here, especially PGs, canopy deflation is most likely to occur. Beware the cables running parallel to the road between the edge and the road.

There are some very big boulders at the foot of the hill – don’t get too low. Make sure you have enough height to make the landing area to the South.



No more than 8 rigged gliders permitted at any time.

Bottom land on the South side of Mount Road only, avoid de-rigging gliders and parked cars. Also be aware of the SSSI (Sites of Special Scientific Interest) on the South side of the hill, marked in diagonal lines on the map.

The site is delicate due to areas designated as SSSI. Any action that may cause erosion in these areas is to be avoided at all costs.

If the hill is soarable, there is an easy take off on the front of the hill but beware the cables running parallel to the road. Take off on the pimple is still permitted but stick to the path through the SSSI and then try to pick different routes up the hill so as to minimise erosion. The National Trust is implementing experimental fencing.

Model glider clubs regularly uses the site.


If caught out in increasing winds, the best bet is to fly off South over Mount Road rather than risk top landing on flat area to North.

Afternoon thermals can be small and punchy, keep away from the edge even if it does mean the possibility of a cross slope landing when thermals are likely

XC Potential

Beware of the shooting range just beyond Marden, approx 4 miles. Big distances have been recorded from this site.