Millstone Edge

Wind Directions SW OS Ref SE 012 105 (Sheet 110)
Height ASL 1470 ft (448m) Rating CP
Top to Bottom Varies Notam Give OS Ref


Take A62 out of Oldham. Half way between Oldham and Huddersfield, about half a mile after the junction with the A670 take the left on to Manor Lane, drive to the top of lane, turn sharp right and park. Or park on the track behind Camping Barn at OS Ref SE 013 098.


Follow the path through the rocks and along the Pennine Way along the top of the hill.

Take off and top landing area is just past the trig point.



Manchester CTA, Class D, 3000ft alt. 1500ft (457m) ato to the south. TMA 3500ft alt, Class A, 2000ft ato (610m) to the North.


Do not land directly behind the rocks, that line of exposed peat is caused by the rotor!


The slope is very shallow – would need to be thermic really.

Hang Gliders

Top landing is easy. Bottom landing is tricky as the hill slopes for miles but there is a small area of flat fields in front of take off, if you miss them its either an uphill landing or a long walk out! The site is very shallow but slopes for miles into two valleys and so works well.

If you fly too far from take off and are not going up, you won't make it to the bottom landing area. Does not work well in strongish winds, which tend to 'flatten' the slope.